Who’s better to tell you about Guru’d than our clients? 

“Working with Alexa from start to finish was an amazingly smooth process. Her enthusiasm is contagious and energized our team through the planning and implementation process. We rode this wave of sustainable energy through the weekend which transcended beautifully to our guests.” – D. Serban

“You’re a dream-realizer. You get ‘goosebumpy’ when I tell you what my dream is, and then you say, ‘Yeah, that’s possible, and this is how it’s possible.’ You bring it into time and space – calendar, dollars, schedule. You’re like a painter who looks at a scene and knows very practically what tubes of paint are needed and how to mix the colors in order to bring the scene to the canvas, to realize the vision. But what you’re doing it for is people’s dream, how they desire to live, their career aspirations, or their artistic visions.” – A. Silver