Weekend Gatherings

Weekend Gatherings Join our¬†favorite Guru’s each month on a weekend immersion 90 minutes out of LA. Yoga, Hiking, Swimming, Nourishing Meals and Star-filled nighs. Email alexa@getgurud.com for details.

2019 Get Lit! Yoga Parties!

OUR MONTHLY GET LIT! YOGA PARTY IS BACK! We’re giving you a taste of LA’s coolest venues + the hottest yoga instructors in 2019! Our Get Lit! Yoga Parties will be held at various locations throughout LA from beachfront to sky high every third Saturday of...

#Retreat for your soul

Who: Camilla Sacre-Dallerup, Rebecca Benenati and Julz Tocker Why: Meditation + Yoga + Dance + Fitness = BLISS What + When + Where: 3 nights in Desert Hot Springs, Nov 8 – 11th at Two Bunch Palms