Alexa Shore “What would you do if you could do anything and nothing else mattered?”

Treasurer/Event Coordinator

Alexa is thoughtful, strong, brave, and a loving mother. After starting and selling multiple businesses, Alexa has settled into the two roles of financial manager and business expert in Sherman Oaks. She is also a Cancer Warrior.

In fighting her own battle, Alexa sought positive support groups. She attended a CWF sponsored Heart of Gold Gala and immediately was affected by the energy in the room. Sara and Alexa became fast, genuine friends and Alexa knew she wanted to make CWF a priority. She contributes both her brilliant math mind as treasurer and also her event planning expertise to create meaningful experiences for CWF affiliates. As a survivor, she is honored to transition from cancer patient to caretaker and hope giver.

Three things that make Alexa smile are dancing, airplanes, and sunsets.